Zach 350x425Zachery is a Certified Veterinary Assistant that attended Pima Medical Institute in Chula Vista, CA where he also completed a 270-hour internship with a 24-hour emergency and specialty hospital in San Diego, CA. Zachery then went on to not only assisting in the medical care of cats and dogs but also with exotic animals at a prominent mixed practice hospital in San Diego, CA. Zachery now works for Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center of Northern Arizona as a Certified Veterinary Assistant and has been here since July of 2018. His favorite part of working at VESCONA is seeing the quality of care put into each and every patient not only by the amazing doctors but also by every single staff member no matter the case. Zachery’s special interest in veterinary medicine include exotic animal medicine as well as wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. He has one pet of his own, a 6-year-old Lab/Pit mix named Sasha. On Zachery’s days off he fills his time by hiking, gardening, automotive work as a hobby, and traveling. He also has a love for volunteer work not only with animal related groups but also groups serving the homeless. Zachery’s “hero” would be Steve Irwin for his amazing work in animal conservation and education because understanding animals is the first step in helping them thrive. Zachery’s favorite animal if he had to choose one would be the Cockatoo, he believes they are one of the most beautiful and unique animals with amazing intelligence and personality to match, he also plans on rescuing one in the future that may need a home. Zachery’s philosophy on veterinary medicine that he stands by is to treat every animal as a unique case and understand ever patients’ distinct needs while also being compassionate and thorough. To Zachery, animals are as special as we are as people and we are nothing short of lucky to be able to experience the amazing qualities and unconditional love they bring to our lives on a daily basis, and they should always be nurtured and cared for whether it’s a lion or your house cat, they all deserve an amazing life.