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Mika was born and raised in Japan, and moved to Arizona in 2001. She graduated Northern Arizona University in 2014 with a degree in Elementary Education and dual minored in Japanese and Asian Studies. Although she had the privilege of working alongside many talented educators and guiding hundreds of children towards success in the classroom, Mika decided to welcome an opportunity that was available to her--even if that meant changing career paths.

As a child, Mika always dreamed of one day working with animals. Growing up, her home was always welcoming four-legged, feathered, and scaly friends, and frequent visits to the vet were inevitable. Mika was able to meet many veterinary professionals who made lasting impressions, and inspired her to continue caring for animals and learning about them.

Passionate for both education and animal care, she was fortunate to have had the support of many colleagues to experience both professions. She is now a veterinary assistant, and with excellent mentors by her side, Mika wishes to further her education; she hopes to go back to school to become a certified veterinary technician. She believes the greatest reward of the job is making a positive difference in not only the pets' life, but also being able to educate and console pet owners. In the future, she aspires to work with exotics and large animals, as well.

Mika currently resides in Mormon Lake, Arizona, and enjoys spending her free time with her family (which often involves a lot of traveling). As a new home owner, she and her fiance frequently work on small restoration projects to perfect their dream home. Some of her favorite pastimes include caring for her various chickens and roosters, painting and sketching, reading, fishing, watching movies, and traveling. When she is not working and the day is warm, she spends the majority of her time outdoors hiking and playing with her three dogs (an Australian shepherd, papillon, and boxer mix) in the beautiful forests of Northern Arizona. In the winter, she enjoys snowboarding and trudging through the snow with her dogs.

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