In Memory

Baby was very special to her whole family. She was always so happy to see you when you came home. She would prance sometimes and sometimes dance for a treat. She was so cute and precious and we all miss her very much. Baby had quite the personality and always made you feel loved. She loved to snuggle with you at night and sleep right next to you and the funny part was that once she was asleep you dare not move her because she would growl. She was so spunky and full of love and life. Baby had nicknames like The Dark Knight because when her back was turned toward you and her ears were perked up, she looked just like Batman. She was also called Rat or Ratatouille and my daughter and I would sing to her following the chorus of Baby Shark but it was Baby Rat. I miss her ears perking up at the sound of the word treat. She was an amazing dog and we were so blessed to be in her life. Baby Rat you are missed with every passing second.



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