In Memory

Lulu came home with me in March of 2014. Full of life and love. She loved to escape and explore her surroundings. It was a game for her. We’d go chasing her and she run away, stop and look back at us. She just had surgery a few days before I brought her home so she had a shaved chubby cow belly.

When I moved away and could not take her with me, my parents gladly took her in. Every time I’d come home she’d greet me and kiss me all over. She would jump up on the chair with me and lean into me for a long time. Lulu was born 12/25/2013. She became very ill and we sadly had to let her go on 4/20/2019. I love her and miss her every day. I’ll never see her cute little bear lip or pet her soft fur or scratch her belly. She loved the laser pointer and she loved to play hide and seek with her blanket. I love you baby girl, you’re always in my heart.


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