What type of pets does the hospital see?

  • ​Dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles (lizards and snakes) and common pocket pets (hamsters, mice, guinea pigs). 

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of emergency services is the hospital capable of performing?

  • ​The hospital is able to manage all levels of trauma, emergency medicine, surgery, and critical care. 

    Diagnostic capabilities include: 
    Complete in-house laboratory profiles
    Automated blood chemistry and hematology
    Blood gas analysis
    Coagulation profiles
    Electrolyte monitoring

    Additionally, the hospital has advanced imaging abilities including digital radiology and ultrasound.

Does hospital do vaccinations or other routine/preventative health care services?

  • ​​​No, the hospital is designed to deliver emergency, critical care, and specialty services. The Coconino County area has many quality preventative health veterinarian practices to choose from and the staff will be happy to recommend several in your area.


1359 E Butler Ave. Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Phone: 928.779.5522 Fax 928.286.5136

Email: info@nazpetemergency.com